Set of 3 ‘Colour Pop’ Eid cards 2016 (Code 245)

These 250 Gsm high quality, pearlescent gold dust greeting cards are hand-painted, hand-drawn and embellished with a variety of acrylic gems. The cards are 6” square cards and come with matching pearlescent gold dust envelopes. 02fb1841-75ef-4f83-8395-13eadfb27843zzzzThey’re also pretty enough to frame and retain as memorable keepsakes!

Pastel 2016 Eid candle (Code 244)

8cde8e70-40a7-4adc-bf4f-ba33a6cc232aThis large pillar candle is painted intricately with 100% natural henna and accented with pastel lilac, pearlescent sky blue and champagne gold acrylic paints. The candle has been finished off with pearl and aqua rhinestones.

Djamila Eid candle 2016 (Code 243)

Large pillar candle hand-painted with natural henna and accented with metallic green, coeruleum blue and lemon yellow. The piece is finished off with Aqua, hot pink and AB rhinestones.c0fa42a9-b965-4972-a90f-0f26e279dfdd

Eid Candle 2013 (Code 120)

Individual large wax candle hand painted with natural henna and decorated with coloured acrylics and crystal embellishments in a choice of 3 design styles. Finished with an Eid greeting.