Eid Gifts

Eid al-Fitr (meaning ‘festivity’ of ‘breaking the fast’) is an Islamic celebration marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan. Henna is commonly used to adorn the skin of women and children embracing the festive spirit. The use of henna in Islamic culture is considered a Sunnah (a behaviour learnt from the Prophet and an act which is encouraged) although it doesn’t have to stop at the body, the beauty of its designs can be painted and captured on to pieces of décor in order to be preserved and appreciated for a lifetime. Typically during the celebration period people will pray, spend time with family and friends, dress in their best attire and exchange beautiful gifts. Treat a loved one to something truly unique and extra special this year. All Bespoke Henna Eid candles come beautifully gift wrapped.

Eid Candles

Eid Candle Designs

The 2013 collection of Eid candles consist of three generic designs. The range is vastly diverse allowing them to appeal to a wide range of cultures and tastes.

(Far left) The ‘vintage rose’ design is very much inspired by my British upbringing and has proven to be very popular amongst western clients. Each candle is embellished with coated crystals that sparkle rainbow colours in the light.

(Middle) This particular design takes inspiration from my travels to Turkey and all of the beautiful Iznik Art that I was fortunate to encounter on my visits to the souks and Mosques. The candles comprise of three very vibrant colours and are definitely amongst my personal favourites. The designs consist of vegetal patterns often used in Arabesque artwork and the leaves and stems intertwine giving them a distinctly intricate look.

(Far right) The ‘Durya’ candle is inspired by Eastern Art. Paisley motifs are common Indian and Persian Art forms and the colours used have been inspired by water. The name Durya itself is derived from the Persian word for Ocean. The candle is finished with rhinestone embellishments.

Islamic Moments Greeting Cards

Eid CardsThis year we are collaborating with the leading publishers of design-led Islamic greeting cards; ‘Islamic Moments.’ All customers will receive a beautiful greetings card with Eid gift orders over £20. Card designs are inspired by Arabesque and Turkish Art forms which complement Bespoke Henna candles perfectly. You can see more of their beautiful work at www.islamicmoments.co.uk