Hi Farrah, just wanted to say thank you so much for allowing me to attend your courses from which I have learnt so much. You are an absolutely beautiful person inside and out, and this is also reflected in your amazing work and teaching. Once again thank you so much!!! Mandy x

“I did my course with Farrah a week ago, since then I’ve bothered her so many times with different questions but she’s always happy to give me the information I need. No matter what time it is!
When I first went sat down with her I felt so nervous, but within minutes I felt comfortable because Farah was so easy to get along with. I only did a one day course as I had knowledge in henna, but Farrah explained everything I found difficult. She showed me different techniques to use when decorating candles etc. She also spoke to me about the business side of it all, she helped me to get a better idea of how to get myself ‘out there.’
My day with Farrah went really well, I felt like I learned a lot and gained a lot of confidence.
I would definitely recommend the course to whoever wanted to learn about henna”

“I previously came across Farrah’s page on Instagram and was instantly inspired by her artistic talents and creativity. I contacted her and she was very prompt in her response. As well as discussing a personalised training program to fit in within the needs of my business on the phone, we had a very friendly conversation about how she could tailor the program for me. She encouraged me to prepare ideas and questions for which she could discuss with me during the first training session which I found very helpful. After attending her first session, I learnt so much about the origins of henna, where to research for inspiration and how to develop very simple techniques to create a beautiful henna effect on a variety of different surfaces and materials. As well as this, Farrah introduced me to a range of books from various artists to gain inspiration from. Farrah provided me with a pack of items to practice on which was exactly what I needed for homework and a great way for me to practice at home and show her what I had produced for our second session. Our second session was even more useful discussing business strategies and marketing ideas which has benefited me and my business. Most importantly Farrah was very professional, friendly and presented her thoughts and ideas in a very constructive way and the training did not stop there. Farrah continues to support me and mentor me through my journey as an artist. Her outstanding training program clearly displays a high level of professionalism and is delivered in a very spacious and relaxed environment making this creative journey with her even more fun.”

“Being trained by Farrah Azam was a highly rewarding experience. I was able to connect with her on a personal and professional level which allowed me to gain more than I expected. She was very humble and open with her own experiences and challenges to become the success that she is to date. I felt very inspired through the techniques that were learnt and I was successfully able to achieve a creative canvas design after my first session. Farrah has consistently been very encouraging and supportive since our training session which has motivated me immensely. I’m excited to keep in touch with her as i grow in the mehndi design industry”

“I recently undertook a 2-day training course with Farrah, which I really enjoyed. I have always wanted to learn this form of henna art and Farrah is a great teacher to learn from. She is friendly, patient and honestly provided me with the resources, knowledge and her experiences to get started on my own. I’m really excited! I would highly recommend these training courses with Farrah, you will definitely walk away inspired and encouraged to further your skills in henna art. Her work is beautiful and I have been lucky to have had the opportunity to be taught by Farrah”