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    Exploring Lahore in 6 days… When I first told people I’m going to Pakistan their initial response was that of suspicion, concern and surprise… I was repeatedly asked “is everything okay? are you going to get married?’…. Holidaying in Pakistan was not on my bucket list and the last thing
  • Bespoke Henna Team
    Hi guys! Welcome to my blog! So this whole writing thing is novel to me but I’m going to wing it like I do with most things in life (because what is life without spontaneity?!) so here goes… My name is Farrah Azam and I graduated in Psychology and Criminology almost

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  1. Such an insightful look into the Pakistani culture and way of life in a country full of vast history and rich heritage! Love the views from the Minaret and I hope to walk in your footsteps one day.

  2. Naseem Minhas

    MashaAllah the blog is really amazing, it is reflecting true colours of our pakistani culture. This will give people an idea of how beautiful Pakistan is. I would recommend you to visit northern areas in Pakistan on your next visit. People from around the world need to know about the beauty of pakistan. I think your blog will change the way people think about Pakistan. Well done

  3. Rabiah

    This was such an awesome read! Makes me want to reconnect with my roots. Gutted that I’ve been to Lahore several times and never actually witnessed the lowering of the flag at the Wagah border. Also, your visit to the orphanage had me in tears, that must have been so special! it’s definitely left me feeling inspired and ready to pack my suitcase again…

  4. Nasser

    Fantastic write up. I like the way you have described the trips and broken down how each place made you feel. Not only that, the way you’ve typed up the blog it’s like going to the actual place. Well done

    • Shazada

      Such a lovely account of Lahore. Badshahi Masjid is beautiful. The tanga (horse and carriage) is also my favourite way to travel in Pakistan but such a shame that there aren’t many around. On my next trip I need to visit the Wazir Khan Mosque iA!

  5. Amazing experience, I feel like I was there with you! So much history that I didn’t know existed in Pakistan. It’s amazing to visit our motherland’s as a tourist, it really changes the way we see it from going there as children just to do the ‘family thing’ as it is the same in the Moroccan culture too. The trip to the orphanage teared me up as I had almost the same experience in Morocco with a little girl that wouldn’t let go 🙁
    I’m so happy for your experience and thank you for taking me along through your writing. X

  6. Mashallah really enjoyed reading about your trip, sounds great, my parents just went on a cruise around India and saw similar sounding things mosques, temples, the Taj Mahal, street sellers and tuc tucs. I teared up reading about the boy in the orphanage. And I love your outfits. X

  7. Hanane Spiers

    ? Thank-you for taking me on this journey with you through your writing. Having been to India a couple times, I considered crossing over to Pakistan but felt too cautious about it due to being female only travellers (mum and daughter with me); you’ve opened my eyes and it’s now on the list, thank-you ?

  8. A fabulous read Hun! Really enjoyed it and very well written! I last went to Lahore 14 years ago too, it bought back so many childhood memories and great memories of my wedding shopping when I went last. Loved watching your stories of the trip too! I’m looking forward to going back soon. X

  9. Faizan

    Thank you for coming to Pakistan. The blog is wonderful. However, food culture of Lahore is quite famous and rich too but you probably missed it as you wanted to be cautious. I would suggest you to visit a Lawrence garden, Lahore museum, gawalmandi food street and grand mosque in bahria town on ur next visit. Thanks

  10. WOW MashAllah! What an informative and incredibly relatable piece – the start definitely made me chuckle! You’ve captured the detail so well, I learnt so much and it’s certainly expanded my view of Pakistan and history! So pleased you got to visit the Eidhi orphanage too, such a humbling and important experience! Thank you for sharing this with us, it’s brilliantly written and I can’t wait to visit one day too inshaAllah! Xxx

  11. YoonLin

    I love your account of your trip to Lahore. It was entertaining, told with humour and also informative. Pakistan, at least Lahore, seems so different from your account and the accompanying pictures, from the news reports from the likes of the BBC or CNN. Thank you for showing me, in your eyes, a different Pakistan ?

  12. I just read this! ❤️❤️❤️ Honestly was just brilliant and day 5 just made me cry. I felt super emotional. The images and your descriptions made me feel like I was there. It also made me want to go my own country and explore the history, the culture and my heritage like you did with ??. In sha Allah one day. X ❤️❤️❤️

  13. Sohail Hussain

    Nice little blog on Lahore trip, I’ve never been but after this read I’d definitely love to go. You should have gone to Data Darbaar and written a little piece on your account there, maybe next time.

  14. Zaheer Khan

    Some fantastic pictures and great detail and history to your story. Thank you for sharing and bringing to life the magic and colours of Pakistan. Lahore is an amazing city and really needs to be visited to appreciate the arts, music, food, clothing and culture.

  15. Tony Warner

    This was a great post, insightful and personable.
    I loved that you spoke as a native and as a tourist which made it relatable.
    It’s great that you experienced everything from cafes, bazaars, transport, places of worship and to an orphanage and even went off the beaten track which gave me an experience that Mr English me would never get to see.
    Thank you for taking me on this journey with you.
    I’m gonna be here for the next post for sure!

  16. Thanks for sharing and taking the time to write such a detailed account. Reading through and looking at the pictures brought back memories of when we visited years ago, we even linked up with you in Islamabad, feels like a century ago! Amazing how much there is to explore in just one City! I can relate to how you felt at the end, having to leave is always the hard part.
    Looking forward to the next journey with you insha’Allah!

  17. suraiya choksy

    Faraah Azam really very proud of you MashAllah
    Your Website is very interesting going though the journey with you has brought very strong feelings to visit Pakistan and to explore all the beauty and the places of Pakistan
    Alhumdulillah very proud to be Pakistani
    Thank you

  18. Nicki Virdee

    Hey Farrah, this is such a good read. You’ve done so well putting this blog together. Love the way you have described things and absolutely love all the beautiful bright pics you’ve used. Well done! ??

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